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I’ve written for magazines and newspapers.

I learned about writing as I did about life. I jumped in and made loads of mistakes. That was my way. Of course years spent practicing and taking classes helped a bit.

I’m proud of the fact that I wandered Europe, Africa, and Yucatan for a decade. Articles came about during those wild years. I was also told to leave Great Britain and Israel. If you’ve never been told to leave a country, well, you just haven’t lived!

I have two action/adventure novels, an automotive how-to, and a children’s book on Amazon. A collection of wild travel stories (Bigger Bowl) will soon hit the market. I’ll be giving away some Kindles during the promotions, so sign up to my email list to receive updates. I also have a new Detective series coming out in November, so sign up to get the huge discount I’ll be offering.

Although my old backpack retired long ago, I still love to travel off the beaten trail. Cooking meals with friends, while enjoying good wine, is a great pleasure. I also enjoy tinkering on classic cars, drinking fine tequila, and hanging with Dude, my fat, Surf City rescue cat.

You can find all the secret writing stuff on my blog:

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